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Humford recognizes that the value of an investment property is its ability to produce income. All of our leasing, asset, property management, and renovation efforts are considered with this principal in mind. For that reason we take a proactive, comprehensive and integrated approach to renewal and new leasing. Rather than considering property management and leasing as independent functions, we view them as interrelated activities working together to achieve common objectives for a property.
Our integrated and proactive approach has resulted in innovative solutions to challenging leasing situations. We have successfully concluded many complex leasing transactions for our clients. Our approach is reflected in our budgeting process; to understand the market and establish leasing assumptions we utilize a unique spreadsheet with market leasing and operating cost comparables. We have also developed a proprietary Net Effective Rent spreadsheet as a tool for making leasing decisions and to track revenues and expenses against budgeted amounts.

For tenants, our reputation for integrity and professionalism means that they can trust Humford to perform as promised. This is a consideration for tenants in selecting a location. And for existing tenants, we believe that renewal leasing begins with having satisfied tenants, which requires effective communication throughout the tenancy. Humford places emphasis on creating accurate lease documents and tracking pertinent details and dates. Our in-house Lease Administrators create the Offer to Lease and Lease documents. A lease summary is made for each lease document and the information is double checked for accuracy and completeness before being input into our system. Once inputted the information is accessible on the networked computer system, with the integrity of the information controlled by the Lease Administrator.

Humford reviews each property and develops strategies to maximize its revenue and income approach to value. We look at not only “what is”, but also “what can be”. In leasing we consider not only the transaction, but in creating long term value we also consider the quality of the income generated and the impact on tenant mix.

We perform the renewal leasing of the buildings in our portfolio. For new leasing, we select the best team for each assignment or work with the broker designated by the property owner. As Humford is not affiliated with any one brokerage house, we have developed good relations throughout the brokerage community and have worked with all of the major brokerages. We proactively work with the agent to provide the information and timely response that is so crucial to creating new leasing value. Our leasing opportunities are listed under the leasing tab of our website.